What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is known as split or bucket testing is the method to differentiate two versions of webpage or app against each other to determine which one perform better. .

This end result is determined by testing users response towards the two different variant of pages one is variant A and the other is variant B and concluding which of the two variant is more effective in bringing more traffic to the website

Why do we need A/B testing in Digital Marketing?

Now a days creating a dynamic website has become much more easier by help of HTML,CSS and even WordPress , but this is the first step in world of marketing. You need to have customer’s engagement for the ranking of the website.

So by performing A/B testing it helps to let us know which word, phase , images or videos and other elements work best. Even a simplest change can create a huge impact on convention rates.

It may also surprise you to know that A/B testing also impacts on the SEO as during your A/B testing you can determine whether the changes made to your site has impacted on the speed of the page i.e. the loading time and a faster loading page improves your conversions by 7 percent. So this proves how impactful can A/B testing prove for successful SEO.

Challenges For A/B testing:

Many users can find A/B testing easy but the results we determine are full of challenges and variations and each variations gives new learning about your websites and visitors.

Many people think that it’s enough to have only one A/B testing but in reality we should continue with the practice so that you can optimize your marketing skills and create more audience.

Best elements of A/B testing:

  • Headlines : your headlines is the first thing that appears to the viewers first than anything else so we should tests with different styles paragraph, length at different levels.
  • CTA : your call to action tells the viewers what you want from them . It should be such that the user had no other choice than to perform as per your wish. Changing even a word can influence the conversation rate.
  • Images, audio and video: since it is not possible to reach every member of target audience through SEO you should also create infographics videos etc to reach out mass audiences.
  • Content depth: some consumer prefer high-level information with basic outline of the product. Content depth impacts on SEO as well as other metrics like conversions rate and time on page
  • Product description: Now a days people prefer more on products which has short description simple and easy to understand. But there are certain products that might need long description, so you should test whether those long description can be placed by short description.

How long should A/B testing run ?

For most of A/B testing duration depends upon you. If you see convergence during your test you can conclude that whether the variations have significant impact on your website or not.


The A/B testing is one of the most powerful way to collect information about your experiments you had related to your website.