What are the types of backlinks?

After understanding what backlinks is all about , let us understand what are the types of backlinks There are generally two types of backlinks (1) Do follow links and (.2) Nofollow links.

Do follow links: - A do follow link are link which are considered and counted towards SEO ranking. Most people try to create do follow links as it becomes first priority for the ranking their page .

Do follow link is generally an HTML code that looks like:< a href=”https://www.google.com>google<\a>

Suppose if a person is writing a blog on fitness and provide a link for another website related to fitness then it becomes a do follow link. It helps in off page SEO techniques.

No follow link: No follow links are links that are not intended to count towards SEO. People try to avoid creating a no follow link reduces the amount of spam sign up on social media accounts and also spammy blog comments.

A no follow links has HTML code that looks like this :< a href=”https://www.google.com rel= nofollow >google<\a>

For no follow links notice that a rel “ no follow” attribute is added to the link to let the search engine know that this link is not going to help in providing value to website.

The effects of Do follow links and No follow links on SEO.

Both the Do follow links and Nofollow links has certain effects on a sites SEO.

Do follow links from quality website always acts as a vote and a website with many backlinks will always help the bots to consider that the site has high quality content.

On the other hand No follow links can damage the SEO of the site and as a result google gets a negative impression of you and your content. No follow links are essentially ignored by search engine for ranking factors.

Now after knowing everything about backlinks the question arise how can we get quantity backlinks. So here are certain steps on how to get backlinks:

  • Shareable content: content is the king. You should explore your innermost thoughts to create content that will evoke deeply relatable emotions and passion in others. Content is the reason search begins in first place. For creating a killer content must be clear compelling and concise.
  • Social media Engagement: Social Media Engagement is another way to generate more backlinks. Social media is not just an activity it is an investment in value time and money.
  • Quora Answering: Quora Answering is another way to generate quality backlinks as it is one platform where people ask questions from the expert and get their doubt clear by the answer given by the expert and helps in generating more such backlinks.
  • Guest posting: There are many guest posting blog sites where we can post multiple times and focus on quality backlinks.
  • Article submission: Article Submission requires quality content. An article must be of minimum 1500 words and maximum of 6000 words including title , table , figures and reference list.
  • Blog Directory Submission: This is constantly working to build quality backlinks. It takes some time to create quality backlinks but stand out for a longer time period.
  • Conclusion: This is here to conclude that we should focus on more quality backlinks than quantity backlinks. We can utilise any of the above mentioned method to get more such backlinks for better ranking of website in search engine result page.